A tool for monitoring SABnzbd

SABnzbd is an excellent, open-source project, used for downloading binaries from UseNet.

SABnzbd Monitor is a small Windows based utility, used for monitoring SABnzbd activity.


More features are planned for future releases, queue control is definately one of them. (And also, the 0.4.0 release of SABnzbd should bring loads more information along with it)


New jobs has been added to the queue
SABnzbd is downloading, you get job and total queue information
SABnzbd is downloading, for a quick status, just check the tooltip
SABnzbd is paused
SABnzbd is paused, for a quick status, just check the tooltip
Remember, you can customize all the text in tooltips / popups via the configuration file


First, you will need a working installation of SABnzbd

You will also need .NET FrameWork 2 installed on your machine (Most Windows machines have this installed already)

Download the RAR archive, unpack to directory of your choice and run the executable, the program will create a default configuration file, which you should then edit (The comments in the file should help you along the way)

And, thats about it


Here's a short breakdown of the different icons that will be shown in the systray area

SABnzbd is idle
SABnzbd is downloading
SABnzbd has been paused
SABnzbd Monitor needs your attention, more information in the tooltip/balloon popup
SABnzbd is not running


You can download SABnzbdMonitor from here, SABnzbdMonitor (2009-06-15.001)

Changelog can be found in the RAR archive

Open Source

This project will be open-sourced as soon as I have found out what license it should be released under, I am a total OS neophyte, so if anyone have an idea which is "best", contact me using the information below.

Bug reports, praise, ideas

If you find a bug, have an idea for a new feature, or just want to shoot the breeze, drop a PM to FlyveHest on the official SABnzbd forums, send me an email, sabnzbdmonitor at reinhold dot dk or look me up at the official SABnzbd IRC channel

Btw, sorry for the extreme lack of a web-page, I was pressed for time, yada-yada, will be getting round to it someday :)