If you want to install a skin, download the ZIP file, and extract it to the directory where you installed the ECC GUI.

Please note, only one skin can reside in the GUI directory at a time, so, you'll have to decide which one you like, and then install that one.

If you make a great, new skin, remember to send it to me, and i'll add it to this page.

Downloadable skins
This is the default skin, if you install this, the GUI will look exactly like the GUI always has.
Its supplied as a guideline for people who want to make a new skin, so, if you feel up for it, use this as a template.

(The ecc2109.skn file has lots of comments, so you should be able to make your own skin without problems)

Well, since no-one else has sent me a skin, I had to do one myself, and, as you can probably see, I do much better at coding, than graphics ;)

This is more a proof-of-concept skin, I don't think anyone will really wan't to use it, its very small, and only has the most important information (and, if you have a lot of DPs, then I bet its not even large enough :)

You can check out the .skn file, and see how it was done, if you are still in doubt as how to make skins for the GUI.

If for some reason you have problems with creating a skin, drop me a line, and i'll try to help you.